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© 2015-2019  Photography by Kristin Marie Adams (Schinske)

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Hi, I'm Kristin!

What's my story?


Well, I grew up in a small town in southwest Michigan. I've always loved being outdoors, but I really hate the cold. I spent many years dreaming of living under the California sun, exploring the mountains and rocky beaches, and after years of trying to make the move the “responsible” way, I convinced my husband, (fiancé at the time), “let’s just go”. So, we took a huge leap of faith, (and our life savings), packed everything we owned into a U-Haul, and drove across the country with our Siberian Husky fur ball, Kira.


After living in Tahoe for a short stint, we eventually landed in beautiful Monterey, California. I've been in California over 4 years now, and I am grateful every day I wake up here.

We recently welcomed our first baby into the world, and wow, has life changed! But she's great, and we're slowly figuring out this whole parenting thing...and how to survive on very little sleep!


What do I enjoy?

I love exploring the natural world. The natural world is what first inspired my love of photography. I love that when taking a photo, you can frame your shot any way you want. You're freezing a moment in time, a feeling. I love the nostalgia when looking at old photos, and I think that's part of the reason photography calls to me. Photos allow you to hold onto and even re-live moments in life---big and small and everything in between. Because that's what life is made of, right?


Other things I enjoy (besides taking photos) include: eating, drinking (wine, bourbon, and champagne are my faves), hiking, walking on the beach with my dog, exploring new areas, looking at other people’s photos, dance parties, eating, drinking...(oops, did I already say that?).

What's my style?


My lens is my creative outlet to share the beauty I see in this world. When I shoot people, I aim to tell their story as they are—real moments, real emotion, REAL PEOPLE—so if you're wanting traditional portraits with everyone staring at the camera saying "cheese", I am probably not your girl.

If you're looking for someone to capture this crazy thing we call life in a candid and authentic way, and don't mind rolling around in the grass or galavanting through streams, let's do this! I'd love to tell your story. 

(Details/pricing can be found here.)